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The EPFO issued a circular on 29.12.2022 partially in accordance with the Supreme court judgment given on 04.11.2022. In the circular both pre-retirees of 01.09.2014 and Post retirees of 01.09.2014 have been made eligible for a higher pension with certain rules. 

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The EPFO has begun accepting registration requests from the Eps 95 pensioners for application forms for validation of Joint options with their employers.

Recently, the EPFO has given a link for uploading the Eps 95 pensioners’ higher pension uploading details in the EPFO portal.

This link is not user-friendly. It has got complications on the part of the aged pensioners. In this situation S.K. Gupta, a senior Advocate has given suggestions to overcome this problem when the pensioner is not able to upload the data in the online portal. Kindly read this content carefully and apply your mind to submit your information.

Do not wait or by the EPFO circular or portal guidelines, I hereby advise you to fill the Format C and submit it before expiry of last date . 

There is no harm to submit the physical format A, B, and C, as applicable, as well as through speed post, and also inspiring others to submit the same.

If any further clarification is required in this process, please contact S.K.Guptha, at 9891170907, and proceed further.

He has explained both theoretically and orally for the convenience of the Eps 95 pensioners.


This form is for the existing employees


EPS95 Pension Latest News

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This form is for Retired employees. Employer is ready to give signature.


This form is for retired employees whose company already closed and in a situation where the employers did not sign or refused to sign.


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The Senior Advocate contributed his dexterity for the sake of Eps 95 pensioners who are eligible for higher pension genuinely as per the verdict of the latest Supreme court judgment.

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This option is given to employees who have retired before 01.09.2014. The employee should enter the following.

  1. Pension payment order
  2. Adhar number
  3. Name
  4. Date of birth

All the above should be as per the EPFO records. A valid mobile number linked as per UIDAI records is important.

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  1. Please don’t mistake me . Because the form A B&C designed by the advocates has been taken for print. Then visited the EPFO branch office to get the approval of this form . But after showing this form they are still get the new form from the head office at Delhi . if it so how to proceed with this issue. Kindly explain. Please note most of the pensioners are all old and not been educated so much to read this type of form and they are all retired in class four employees. Please reply.


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