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4th December 2023 


An appeal to all EPS 1995 pensioners:

An appeal to all EPS 1995 pensioners.

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This content is from Sri Sham Rao, National Secretary, Eps 1995 pensionres, Bidar, Karnataka, 9632885896

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   Dear pensioners namaste.

  We all are very much perturbed and worried for the unfair pension provided under the employee’s pension scheme 1995 that is not linked to dearance  allowance and also not provisioned with an adequate minimum pension . 

The govt pensioners get a minimum pension of Rs 9000

with DA for a service of just 15 years 

The present minimum pension of Rs 1000 and less than it is being provided with the budgetary support of the central govt to the EPS95 pensioners for their long service up to 40 years. This very meagre minimum pension hardly believed by the citizens and does not meet the present cost of any any needs of livelihood.

   The basic pension is determined on the formula of pensionable salary × pensionable service  ÷ 70 

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and it remains stagnantly unlinked of dearance allowance and un revisioned for all time.   

The pensionable salary on actual wages with the exercise of a joint option with a cut-off date is in dispute for the conditions. The judiciary has not yet given complete justice against the deficiencies of EPS 1995 .   

  The pension determined on pensionable service of EPS 1995 brought into effect from 16th November 1995 that does not account for the contributory service of family pension scheme 1971 is non-beneficiary in case of all the retirees who joined in 70s period.

   The higher pension fixed on actual wages to the eligible senior pensioners with insufficient pensionable service of EPS 1995 on compliance of the conditions is also an unliveable pension. 

      With all this position  that holds in case of majority of EPS 1995 pensioners, it is necessary to demand an adequate liveable minimum pension linked with DA  from the honble govt as it gives reasonable economic relief keeping the higher pension option apart.

   The pensioner’s associations

have been struggling with all their efforts through peaceful protests from dist places to state capitals and national capital with the submission of countless memorandums putting the hike of minimum 

pension with DA as the first demand.

    Since despite so much struggle by the pensioners the settlement of fair pension at minimum is not in sight with the insensitiveness and non-seriousness of this issue on the part of the hon’ble govt, Hon’ble union ministry of labour and employment, it is felt necessary that the EPS 1995 pensioners of all states write to the respective state human rights commissions about the meagre minimum pension not linked to DA found to be quite unliveable provided being denied of the economic rights viz: 1) right to an adequate standard of life 2) right to social security 3) right to food and health being the human rights that are not to be violated.  

    Three years back the hon’ble national human rights commission in new Delhi was brought to the knowledge of this unsecured economic position of the EPS 95 pensioners with the meagre pension. But no action. Now the Karnataka state human rights commission has also been addressed and reminded of violation of human rights by economic insecurity being faced by the pensioners. 

    So let there be movement with all state human rights commissions by the pensioners for justice in order to have an impact over the issue of the standard minimum pension with DA well in advance before the annual budget of honble central govt for it’s effect .

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