Eps 95 pension higher pension news

Eps 95 pension higher pension news:

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No.EPS95/NAC/GOI-LM/0101 Dtd.01/01/2023


  1. The Union of India

Through: – Ministry of Labor & Employment New Delhi- 110011

  • Shri Animesh Mishra

Additional Central P. F. Commissioner (Pension) Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan, 14 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi- 110066

Subject :  Instructions in compliance of orders contained in  para 44(ix) read with para 44(v) & (vi) of Honorable Supreme Court Judgment dated 04/11/2022 in the matter of Special Leave Petition ( C) no. 8658-8659 of 2019.

Reference :- Pension/2022/54877/15149 dated 29/12/2022 Respected Sir,

At the outset, the  National  Agitation  Committee  wishes  for the New Year 2023. The New Year Greeting will place the Central Government & the E.P.F.O. to deliver the justice to safeguard the interest of the Senior Citizens and  will  remained  boon  to run  the life smoothly.

The year 2022 remained curse to the senior citizens in view of the adverse action of the E.P.F.O. as evident from the letters percolated from Head Office to the field level and the recent illustration is the letter under  reference  issued  on  dated 29/12/2022 as it is inconsistent with the Judgment of Honorable Supreme Court. Your action is very much  superficial,  hypothetical and based on conjecture & surmises and thus the National Agitation Committee EPS-95 decided to blaze the letter under reference. The

specific contentions to arrive at the decision to blaze the letter are as under.

  1. The E.P.F.O. instead of observing the judgment in true spirit observed  in more breach to nullify  the effect  of  the Judgment of Honorable  Supreme  Court  dated  04/11/2022. The adverse action is strongly condemned and humbly submits to ameliorate it.
  2. The Paragraph 6 of the  letter  under  reference should  not have been inserted in the letter as it is contrary to  the directives enshrined in the verdict of the Honorable Supreme Court. The reference of condition precedent  of  paragraph 26(6) of  the Employees Provident fund scheme 1952 followed by the proviso to paragraph 11(3) of the Employees Pension Scheme,1995 and its refusal by  the provident  fund Authorities is unwarranted & uncalled  for  and  introduced only for the refusal of the benefit of higher pension on actual salary.
  3. The Paragraph 26(6) of the Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952 has no nexus with  the  paragraph  11(3)  read with paragraph 11(4)  as  envisaged  in  paragraph  42, Paragraph 43 and paragraph 44(iv) which hold and directs for implementation of the Judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court. The EPFO intentionally avoid incorporating these paragraphs in the letter under reference with ill motive to deprive the rightful claim of the Pensioners.
  4. The subject matter of the letter under reference commenced with the words “Instructions in compliance of orders contained in para 44(ix)——-”. The Honorable Supreme Court directives in its own term in paragraph 44(ix) “We agree with the view taken by the Division Bench in the case of R.C.Gupta (supra) so  far as interpretation of  the proviso to paragraph

11(3)(pre-amendment) pension scheme  is  concerned.  The fund authorities shall implement the directives  contained in the said judgment within a period of  eight weeks, subject to our directions contained earlier in this paragraph”. The Honorable Supreme Court laid emphasis on interpretation of paragraph 11(3) of the pension  scheme  and  not  the paragraph 26(6) of the Provident Fund Scheme and thus condition precedent of paragraph 26(6) in the letter under reference should not have been appeared in the letter under reference. The action of the EPFO to introduce the paragraph 26(6) in the letter under reference  is  unsustainable  in  the law, facts & circumstances & needs  to  be  withdrawn forthwith.

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  • The Honorable Supreme Court at paragraph 8 held that the pension scheme was conceived by way of introduction of section 6A to the 1952 Act, under Act 25 of 1996 with effect from 16th November 1995. Therefore, subject matter is section 6A of the Employees’  Provident Funds  & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 & not the paragraph 26(6) which is governed by the Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952. The provision of  11(3) of  the EPS-95 and  the  provision of 26(6) of the EPFS-1952 is  entirely  different  & cannot intrude in the provisions of the EPS-95. There is a water tight compartment between these two provisions & thus the paragraph 26(6) cannot surpass over the provision of 11(3).
  • The EPFO has raised the issue  of  paragraph  26(6)  at paragraph 25 of the Judgment  of  the  Honorable  Supreme Court but it did not paved the way in the  directives issued under paragraph 44 of the judgment, therefore, it crystallize that paragraph 26(6) cannot become hindrance to extend the benefit of higher pension on actual salary. The EPFO

impugned that, “Those who  were  yet  to  exercise  option under paragraph 26(6) could not claim such vested right of membership to Pension Scheme. The omission of proviso 3 to paragraph 11 of the pension scheme also did not affect the membership of those who had already  come  within  the scheme by exercising option under paragraph 26(6), but to remain in the scheme beyond the ceiling limit an  existing option member had to exercise fresh option. The Honorable Supreme Court given go bye to this issue  & restrained  the EPFO to use the paragraph 26(6) as a tool to keep away the pensioners from the benefit of pension on actual salary.

  • The EPFO should honor  the three  judges bench  decision of the Honorable Supreme Court by invoking the judgment at paragraph 40,41, 42, 43 & paragraph 44(iv) and should cancel the above referred in the interest of justice  to  the pensioners. The directions issued through letter under reference is not in compliance with the Honorable Supreme Court decision dated 04/11/2022 though stated in  paragraph 11 of the letter under reference.

In view of above, on behalf all pensioners, I request your kind honor to withdraw the detrimental letter under reference till 9th January 2023. If it is not withdrawn the National Agitation Committee EPS-95 decided to hold the demonstration in front of the office of the EPFO & regional offices & District offices on 10th January 2023 & will wear the black badges as a mark of protest and as stated in aforesaid paragraph, the copy of the letter no. Pension/2022/54877/15149 dated 29/12/2022 shall set at blaze in front of the offices of EPFO, RPFO & District offices which may please be noted.

I, on behalf of the National Agitation Committee, humbly pray to your kind honor to please to withdraw the letter dated 29/12/2022 and please maintain the concord and please avoid unrest amongst the pensioners.

Thanks .

Yours Faithfully,

Commander Ashok Raut National President

Copy Submitted with respect to :-

HHE. President Government of India New Delhi.

Copy Submitted with respect to :-

Honorable Shri Narendra ji Modi, Prime Minister,Govt. of India, New Delhi Honorable Shri Amit ji Shah, Home Minister, Govt. of India, New Delhi Honorable Smt Nirmala Sitharaman ji, Finance Minister, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Honorable Shri Nitin ji Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and High ways, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Honorable Shri Ashwani Vaishnav, Minister Railways, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Copy Submitted with respect to :– All Hon. Governor

All Hon. Lt. Governor, UT.. All Hon. Chief Ministers,….

Copy Submitted with respect to

Honorable Smt Hema Malini ji, MP, Mathura All Member of Parliament ,

Hon. Shri./Smt./Ms ……………………………

Copy Submitted with respect to :-

All Hon. Member, Central Board of Trustees, EPFO, New Delhi

Copy Submitted with respect to :-

All The Inspector General of Police, State..

Copy Submitted with respect to :-

The Commissioner of Police, New Delhi

Copy Forwarded with compliments to

All CWC / Executive Committee Members

All NAC Regional Chief Coordinators, Coordinators, Organising Secretaries

All State President / Vice President / Gen. Secretaries / Org. Secretaries / Chief Coordinator / Coordinator

– They are requested to continue Pensioners Bachao Abhiyan during this notice period and start preparing for upcoming agitations from now itself

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  1. In the last year the Pensioners were really frustrated and the BJP govt not at all helped to settle this issue . This is due to adamancy of our PM.
    Mr Ashok rout ji had done maximum efforts from 2017 to till date. But all our efforts are totally failed sofar. The net result is more than 3 lakhs pensioners reached the almighty of God and also their benefits has been either stopped or suspended. So in future there is no use of protesting by old aged pensioners because already they are all frustrated,and also very weak , and their money in corpus fund is completely looted by all the labour ministry .Then how this protest by Ashok rout ji will be successful? More over our PM is ready to fly other countries without care of old aged people and he is not having any dependants in his family and he is a sr. aged bachelor.in the world. He is not experienced in family worries of children .


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