Eps 95 Minimum pension request

Eps 95 Minimum pension request:

The budget is the crucial time for deciding the hike of Eps 95 pensioners’ Minimum pension. In this context, a senior pensioner is sending a request letter to the Government for considering the hike of the minimum pension.

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By email.     17th Jan 2023 


The honble prime minister of india 

The honble minister of PMO

Pension and public grievances 

The honble union minister of labour and employment 

The honble union minister of finance 

The honble central provident fund commissioner ,EPFO 

New Delhi. 

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Sub :Request for providing

         liveable economic

         security to the 

         pensioners of EPS 1995

         in Budget Provision 

         through standard

         minimum pension that 

         suffice it for livilihood of

         normal life at present

         cost , reg .


Respected sirs, 

 We have continued to keep  hope with the honble prime minister being the leader of mass of all categories of citizens not loosing  confidence in the honble govt  for having assured us twice for the grant of the demand of fair pension , put forth in person that has been vividly understood not remaing unconvinced . 

 The honble union minister for finance understands under what pressure and difficulties  the middle class citizens lead the life given the limited source of  income as she herself comes from middle class family . So the honble Finance minister could easily understand the plight of poor senior citizen EPS 95 pensioners , the pension of whom is the oxizen income and  come forward to extend the budgetary support for hike of minimum pension ,we all hope .

   Besides our submissions of the grievances , the honble MPs with the voice of much concern echoed in parliament and chief ministers of states as well  have too appealed to the honble govt for settlement of the pension issue taking into the stock of the situtation what the EPS 1995 are facing with meagre unliveable  pension problem .

  They are degraded and devalued of their lives with bad economic status being suffered of unspeakable conditions after service while the senior citizens get secured of life with old age pension with age factor and low income only  provided by state govts . 

   So on the presentation of honble central govt annual budget for the financial year 2023-24 kindly let not the dire need of poor EPS pensioners accounting in majority and many being supportless and shelterless depending on others at mercy for survival for a minimum pension of present liveable life go unaddressed this time 

   The senior citizen EPS 95 pensioners with the service rendered to the nation paying govt taxes through life time besides pension fund contribution need an  economic security to be free of much dependence  in old age .

 The Pensioners of EPS 1995

of the 70’s period service  , having been unbenefited of higher pension with very insufficient pensionable service of 1995 are continued with very meagre pension  at minimum and also at basic level on actual wages all that coming in the range of less than Rs 1000 to Rs 3500 .

This quantum of pension being in the range of

unliveable cost is in no way sufficient for the present maintenance cost of basic minimum life . 

  So kindly let the EPS 95 pensioners happen to get the enhancement of minimum pension and it’s DA with govt medical facility as being demanded by us with the provisions of it in the ensuing budget of the  honble govt  not leaving the issue in statusquo as it comes under the discretionary powers of the honble govt to be excercised in exigency what it warrants under the existing system of the pension scheme taking into consideration citizen’s  constitutional right to life with human dignity .  

       With high regards ,

Sincerely your’s 

ShamRao , national secretary ,

EPS 1995 pensioners coordination committee ,

Bidar , karnataka .

Email : shamraobidar585401@gmail.com 

Ph : 9632885896 .

    Copy submitted to 

Smt Hemamalani ji ,  honble member of parliament having stood with us ,with a request to kindly see that the need of EPS 95 pensioners is met with through ensuing budget .

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