A favourable news for all eps 95 pensioners

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Hello dear friends.

After the verdict in the EPS 95 case, there have been many messages from many people.

It was a confusing situation where one could not know which was positive and which was negative.

In this case, in order to carefully analyze and analyze the verdict and find out what the truth is, experts from many organizations who have been very involved in this case, many legal experts and lawyers who argued well in the case have been consulting for the past one week. Accordingly, a meeting was organized in Chennai yesterday (13/11/2022) through the Joint Action Committee to let everyone know the true status of the verdict. I attended the meeting on behalf of our team and Mr.T.Harikrishnan on behalf of the officers team.

Mr. BHEL’s top official who filed the case directly in the Supreme Court and participated in every stage of the case. T.K. Ramachandran, senior officer of ASHOK LEYLAND and NAC member who came from Delhi attended and discussed the decision of the case with the legal experts in detail.

 *Accordingly the happy news that first of all pensioners who retired before 1/9/2014 are eligible for new higher pension as per this judgment* .

They attributed this confusion to a misunderstanding of some of the words mentioned in the judgment.

They said that efforts are being made to correct the wording.

Secondly, while the EPS95 cases were held in some High Courts and the Supreme Court, EPFO ​​nowhere said that those who retired before 1/9/2014 were not eligible for higher pension.

Therefore, they said that the court will not give judgment for something that is not requested.

Thirdly, it depends on the position taken by EPFO ​​whether the judgment applies to all pensioners in general or only to those involved in the case.

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A lot of information and tables are being published by many people about calculation of new fourth pension. Without considering all that, just keep in mind the account details that EPFO ​​sends to the pensioners separately through email and SMS. The details will be disclosed by the official in which EPFO ​​office the pension is being disbursed.

5thly all should submit Joint Option Form to EPFO ​​office along with employer.

(That task is over as far as we are concerned).

Sixth there is information that the difference amount for getting new pension is paid in advance and EPFO ​​will return it in two months after calculating the pension. Full details will be known only after EPFO ​​informs about this.

Seventhly, if required, pensioners can also go directly to the pension collection office to get the information.

The above important information was disclosed by those who addressed the meeting.

So don’t get confused, be confident and confident.

We will provide the following information immediately.

Thank you and good bye.

S. Amudhan.


K. Pashuvalingam.

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