Eps 95 pension latest news 2021 today

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Thanks to the contributor who has submitted this worth reading information in the media fo;r the benefit of the Eps 95 pensioners. This content is uploaded for the interested pensioners. *(Please read this very carefully, only when you are leisurely.)* I took pains to translate into English the relevant portions of a Malayalam article written … Read more

The win-win situation of eps 95 pensioners and the Government

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At the beginning of the year 2022, the Election Commission of India is going to conduct the elections in these five states.STATES NO. OF SEATS GOA 40 Manipur 60 Uttarakhand 70 Punjab 117 Uttrpradesh 403 Throughout India, there are about 60 lakhs eps 95 pensioners available.Thousands of eps 95 voters in the villages and towns … Read more

NAC President writes to the CBT members of EPFO

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Under Save EPS 95 Pensioners CampignNAC Chief Commander Ashok Raut wrote Letter to all Hon.CBT Members:-*Request made for sanction of minimum pension of Rs.7500/- +DA in CBT meeting to be held on 20.11.2021.*It is possible to provide a minimum pension of Rs.7500+DA from the pension fund, this is shown by a table.*In the same letter, … Read more

Worth reading what an Eps 95 pensioner writes

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*AN OVERVIEW OF EPS PENSIONERS AND SENIOR CITIZENS ON DEFEAT OF 3/4 SEATS IN BYE ELECTIONS.* *Please see the headlines of various news media wherein it is very clear that BJP SUFFERS SETBACK IN BYE ELECTIONS.* [Uploading of this content is not to criticise anyone or any political party. It is requested to make an … Read more

False news on eps 95 minimum pension hike today

false news on pension hike

Eps 95 Minimum penison hike is a false news: Eps 95 pensioners are being allured with the false news of a hike in the minimum pension before every important context. It is nothing but cheating the poor eps 95 pensioners. Wherever there is CBT meeting, some associations, committees, and unions are propagating false news on … Read more