Where is the Welfare for EPS 95 Pensioner 2021

  Where is the Welfare for EPS 95 Pensioner 2021  EPS 95 pensioners problem has not been attended even after a long time.   About 65 pensioners are waiting every day for a pension increase. Imagine living with a monthly eps 95 pension of Rs 1,250 after retirement. The government at the center gives pensions to … Read more

Neglected EPS 95 Pensioner

 EPS 95 Pensioners Minimum Pension 7500+DA Hike order, Medical Facilities, Higher Pension Dear EPS 95 Pensioners Friends, There may be about 67 lakhs EPS pensioners in the country. They are, curiously awaiting decisions from 2 institutions. One is the Central Government ie Mr. Modi the supreme leader. The second one is the Supreme Court, the … Read more

Imortant points of CBT Meeting – EPS 95 Pension

 CBT Meeting held on 04.03.21   IMPORTANT POINTS The 228th meeting of Central Board of Trustees of EPF was held in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir on 4th March, 2021 under the Chairmanship of Central Labour Minister. On behalf of CITU, R.Karumalaiyan, Secretary, CITU, has attended as substitute for Com. A.K. Padmanabhan, our nominee in the … Read more

An Important Letter by the Secretary EPS 95 Pension to ILO

An Important Letter by the Secretary of EPS 95 PENSION, Coordination Committee to the INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION for a hike of Pension. For decades together the Eps 95 Pensioners problems remain unattended. In spite of  Many Meetings Many Agitations Many Fastings Letters from the many Parliamentarians Many Emails Many Letters Many Youtube Videos Many Websites … Read more

Eps 95 pensioners Latest News in the year 2021

  EPS 95 Pensioners Status 2021 FOR THE KIND ATTENTION OF THE RESPONDENTS OF SLP AND WRIT PETITIONERS OF SUPREME COURT After 3 years of filing of first EPS pension case the EPS pension cases are being listed on 18/01/2021 seems to be heard. Let us hope God will take care of final hearing and … Read more