Request of EPS 95 Pensioners to the PM

Please press here to read in Telugu and Kannada Dt : 24/11/23. ToSri. Narendra Modi ji,Hon. Prime Minister of India,New Delhi. Respected sir, I am happy to see the Double Bedroom houses to the poor in the BJP manifesto for the elections. But sir, the EPS pensioners were having lot of hopes on the BJP … Read more

Endless doubts regarding computation of EPS 95 Pension

“Endless doubts regarding computation of Pension on Higher Wages as per the Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of 4th November, 2022.” All the amendments carried out by EPFO were implemented only “prospectively” but not “retrospectively”. For example: These are only a few examples. Then how can EPFO, when it has issued Circular on 1st … Read more

Important to EPS 95 Pensioners (Pre Retiress of 2014)

Thanks and credits to the contributor of this content. In English and Hindi ELIGIBILITY OF PRE-2014 RETIREES WHO DID NOT EXERCISE OPTION UNDER PARA 11.3 OF THE EPS, 1995—A CLOSE LOOK IN THE LIGHT OF HONOURABLE HIGH COURT, MADHYA PRADESH (JABALPUR BENCH) This is regarding the pension eligibility to the Pre-2014 retirees who did not … Read more

A Genuine request of Eps 95 Pensioner

By email, November, 2023ToSri  Prahlad  Venkatesh  Joshi ,Honble union minister of parliamentary affairs , govt of India . Sub : Request for the much          needed  help in getting          resolved the tragic issue          of minimum pension of          EPS 95 pensioners          approaching your good          self in thousands on           18th  Nov 2023 . Respected sir ,   As … Read more

Important Information to Eps 95 Higher Pension Optees

03-11-2023Dear friends, greetings to all.The latest news on pension Applications and calculations of higher pension on actual salary is posted for your information.Published in the Business Today.G.Murugaiyan President, JAC.Higher pension: EPFO sends out nearly 33,000 letters seeking Rs 1,947 croreThis is seen as the start of the actuarial analysis of the impact of higher pension … Read more