Request for seeking economic protection of EPS 1995 pensioners

By email.          25-5-2024


The hon’ble under secretary , 

 President’s secretariat ,

 Rashtrapati bhavan ,new Delhi 

Sub: Request for seeking economic protection of EPS 1995 pensioners being suffered of unliveable meager pension .

Ref : your letter dated 5th April 2024  

Respected sir/madam ,

As per your kind advice I pursued the matter of unliveable meager  pension of EPS 1995 pensioners for their sufferings of livelihood faced with present cost of life but the reply received from the honorable regional provident fund commissioner -1 ( pension ) EPFO vide letter 20th may 2024 is that it is not viable and feasible to enhance the minimum pension linked with living cost index under the EPS 1995 being it a self fund scheme describing the formula of pension scheme that causes furtherance of pain not ending the life crises of EPS 95 pensioners .

 I have expressed the opinion of EPS 1995 pensioners vide letter dated 22-5-2024  to the  honorable  Regional provident fund commissioner -1 (Pension) EPFO   that  

since already the minimum pension of Rs 1000 is being provided to the pensioners since the year 2014 in the context of wide spread demand  on the budgetary support of govt even though there is no provision in the scheme for such budgetary support  and while that be the case the required  budgetary support for enhancement of minimum pension may kindly have to be necessarily got enhanced with the deliberations of the honorable competent authorities in unison and the orders of grant of it may please be issued to give the relief of it to the pensioners so that the poor pensioners dependent on the present meager unliveable pension get relaxed of mental tension being tortured and relieved of unrest with economic insecurity of life and live normal citizen life .

 Therefore the kind appeal of EPS 1995 pensioners kindly taken it as priority in the described situation to the honorable  President of India is that kindly necessary instructions be given from your office  to the concerned authorities of the department of union  labor & employment for process of enhancement of minimum pension linked with living cost index at the quantum of reasonable level taken into consideration the average present cost of life. 

  With the suggestion made above that stands to the reason in the context of no scope for enhancement of pension in EPS 1995 as being indicated always by the EPFO  we  sincerely and humbly  hope again with much anticipation from the honorable  president’s office  that in the interest of lakhs of senior, very senior citizen poor  pensioners coupled with dependent spouse and children spread all over the country  who are suffering their life in pathetic condition with in-dignified life  by unliveable pension would kindly  be taken care of for their  better living 

listening to our unspeakable livelihood miseries obviously because the bad economic problem of the pensioners getting worsened  have necessarily to be solved one day or the other . 

With high regards, 

Sincerely your’s

ShamRao .G, 

EPS 95 pensioners Activist , national secretary EPS 95 pensioners coordination committee , # 19-6-317 paapnash road shivnagar (N) BIDAR  585401  Karnataka.

email :  

Ph: 9632885896.