What happened to BS Kosiyari committee Report?

implementation of higher pension scheme by epfo as par order of supreme court of india.
1) As committed by epfo in the first week of january 1996 through advertising in leading news papers,,after introduction of epf+eps on and from 16/11/95, that epfo pension will be higher than Central govt pension.

2) Accordingly gsr was issued on 28/2/96 vider 134 and Gazette notification dt 31/3/96, that when salary will crossed statutory ceiling like 5000/ , both employees and employer may submit joint option during service period that employer and employees jointly decided to deduct above ceiling for the purposes of pension on actual salary in place Statutory ceiling time to time.

3) However such circular with cut-off date was not widely publicized and as most of the the employees were unable to exercise ed option as par the said scheme.

4) The matter went to supreme court through high court and the supreme court in its judgement dt 4/10/16, directed the epfo, that all are eligible whether in service or retired subject to refund of due amount over statutory ceiling and fresh option with employer those who are willing to come under pension on actual salary.

5) But what we see that Epfo is reluctant to extend such social Security measure other than the scheme, that is option to be exercised as par scheme within service period and cut-off date.
6) such evil intention became clear to all when the pension as revised to rc gupta and others as par supreme court judgement dt 4/10/16, down graded to pension on statutory ceiling, on the ground that those pensioners were not exercised option during service period as par scheme, although earlier it was revised as par supreme court order in Rc gupta case dt 4/10/16
7) Mr rc gupta has filed defamation cases in sc against cpfc in supreme court.
8) So far as minimum pension is concern, the matter was bring to the attention of prime minister sevaral times, that sufficient funds is there to provide rs-7500/ as minimum pension with da and medical facilities.
9) so far my personal view is concern, the govt of india has not implement the BS Kosiyari committee report.
10) However there is possibility of minimum pension to rs-3000/ as par interim relief demand is concern.
debaprasad chatterjee