Preparatory meeting at CITU office in Cuttack of  CTUs like AITUC, CITU, HMS etc..

Today evening on 09.02.2024  attended the preparatory meeting at CITU office at Pilgrim Road, Cuttack of  CTUs like AITUC, CITU, HMS and Independent Federations  like Central Government Employees ( Postal and RMS), CDIEA( LIC), GIC( OSGIEA) and from Banks to make good the 16th February, 2024  All India Industrial/ Sectoral strike and Grameen Bandh a grand Success. 

The Meeting was Presided over by Com Kishore Jena, senior most leader and from AITUC. 

It was decided unanimously in the meeting that a motor cycles rally/ Procession will be started on 15.02.2024 evening at 5.30/ 6 P M from Netaji Subas Ch Bose Statue, College Square, Cuttack to Malla Chandi Chhak, Khan nagar and a meeting will be held there for a few hour with due information to Police. 

On 16.02.2024, a procession will be there from Collectorate Gada in front of Rural DCP Office at 11.30 hrs and up to Collectorate and hold demonstrations and meeting from 12.00 hours 14.00 hours to highlight the issues of anti people policies, anti Farmers, anti Mazdoors, anti workers, anti employees  and anti nation policies as well as   supporting to big Corporate  houses  policies of BJP Led Modi Government , who is not thinking for the  sky rocketing market Prices to save the poor fellows, not controlling the diesel and petrol prices when the crude oil prices in international market is cheap, not thinking for PDS system for universal distribution of essential comodities to all, who is not thinking for unemployed persons awaiting for jobs/ Govt Service when more than 11 lakhs posts are fallen vacant in Central government organizations, not thinking for eradication of poverty and highlighting the free ration to 80 crore people for next five years which clearly proves the poverty of 80 crore people in the country and have no source of income to them, thinking always for privatisation of Government organizations like Indian Railways, Air Ports, Air India, SAIL, BHEL, HAL, BSNL, VSNL, MTNL, Postal, Docks etc,  thinking always to sell the PSUs like Banks, LIC, GIC from its shares to give Private Players, Never thinking for free education and free health facilities for all the citizens or to senior Citizens, rather privatised the Educatioal Institutions and Allow Private Hospitals more in the country, never thinking for the Mazdoors, workers, employees for their minimum wages or for living wages, never thinking for the scheme workers, never thinking for the universal Pension for social Security for the workers/ Employees, never thinking to scrap NPS and Restore OPS despite continuous struggle by the JFROPS, never thinking for  setting up of 8 th CPC for wage revision and Pension revision of C G Employees and 5 years wage revision for them at par with PSUs/ CPSUs when sounding for one nation one election or one nation and one GST, never thinking to release 18 months DA/ DR arrears of employees from 01.01.2020 to 30.06.2021 when howling the country is going to reach 7 trillion from 5 trillion in financial capital, never thinking to fill up of all vacant posts under State Government and Central Government offices, never thinking to stop outsourcing of works in Government organizations, always attacking on TU rights and the NFPE, A I Postal Employees Union Group-C and AIDEF are the examples, never thinking to rollback the  4 ( Four)labour codes  despite so many struggles by the working class against it, not implementing the Court judgments immediately which are in favor of the employees and workers, never thinking for the farmers to fulfill their demands who our Arna datas  as assured to them or never withdraw the electricity bill Act, 2020, the country is witnessing the Hitler ship and reach to the climax of Dictatorship in many ways and kept all medias under their control to propaganda for them but not to highlight the truths what are really happening in the country, ie hungery, poverty, unemployment, inequality, gaps between haves and have nots, education, health, attacks on Dalits, Adivasis, muslims, journalists, Press, media, Women, Girls and attack on our Constitution, so many things, and in the same time diverting the attention of common people in name of caste, creed, Construction of  Temples, Construction of Statues etc, this is why the

 16 th February 2024 is inevitable to save our Constitution, save our country and save the people of this country before coming general Election during April, 2024 and to defeat the facist force from the country and bring a new Government under which the people will be in a peaceful state and  the real Rama Rajya should come by getting food, shelter and clothes without depending upon the freebies. 

Thus appeal to join in numbers in the joint struggles of SKM/ CTUs and Independent Federations as per programs and make the All India Industrial / Sectoral Strike / Hartal and Grameen bandh a thundering success and glorify yourself and your organizations as well. 

     :- R N Dhal.