A Genuine request of Eps 95 Pensioner

By email, November, 2023
Sri  Prahlad  Venkatesh  Joshi ,
Honble union minister of parliamentary affairs , govt of India .

Sub : Request for the much
          needed  help in getting
          resolved the tragic issue
          of minimum pension of
          EPS 95 pensioners
          approaching your good
          self in thousands on 
          18th  Nov 2023 .

Respected sir ,

  As already known to your good self that there has been life crises with the EPS 95 pensioners by the  INCOME  POVERTY of  MEAGRE   MINIMUM   UNLIVEABLE  PENSION  being  quite insufficient  to any needs of basic life for it’s survival under better conditions with human dignity.

With the trust and hope kept upon yourself the joint action committee  of EPS 95 pensioners Karnataka with the thousands of EPS 95 pensioners except the persons like me crossed the age of 80 years for the problem of movement , are visiting your kind self with the expectation of the positive decision of the honorable govt.

   Karnataka alone has about 6 lakhs EPS pensioners settled in the state, the majority of whom belong to lower, lowest-income group.
supportless and also many shelterless dependent only upon the income source of pension with the support of others for survival. It is a question of living the life to it’s natural end protected of liveable economic security and human dignity after retirement from service in respect of all pensioners.

Senior citizens—EPS 95 pensioners—want , aspire to lead an easy life happily with near and society, spending it in the last phase of evening life with no mental stress of financial problems unburdened on others.

  Not repeating much further about the hardened life of economic insecurity being faced by the EPS 95 pensioners known to your good self , we again would submit a humble and sincere appeal yourself for the help holding the important portfolio of the honorable govt  in times of our life crises that the issue of minimum pension at Rs 9000 linked to living cost index (applicable dearance allowance ) may kindly be got resolved by the honorable govt with the kind directions of honorable prime minister causing no delay.

  The increase of unrest of EPS 95 pensioners against the economic problem of very meagre range of pension is going out of control across the nation and thereby all the EPS 95 pensioners associations with the pensioners in lakhs travelling long distance from the different places of the country unmindful of old age ailments , have all planned to camp in New Delhi during December 2023 seeking justice for grant of the adequate minimum pension with DA.

Honouring the life value of senior citizens for their prime life service contribution with dedication and the rightful pension , the honble govt may kindly resolve the problem early not prompting  them to resort to protests at their old age of health risk in unfavourable weather conditions of December month for their genuine demands of pension and  in the situation  lest no untoward , undesirable and ugly turn , incidents take place with the anger that comes naturally having exhausted of all sorts of efforts made till now.

So the much needed help in the matter by your kind immediate initiative for decision of the honble govt  on the hike of minimum pension with DA as demanded would get the pensioners relieved of the burning problem of life also  bringing  cheers ,smile on the faces of all EPS 95 pensioners and winning their hearts as well for life time that would also naturally help in getting the MPS elected in majority in 2024 lok sabha elections with whole hearted voting support of EPS 95 pensioners with their spouse and children accounted in crores for formation of next NDA govt.

With high regards ,
Sincerely your’s

ShamRao .G
national secretary , EPS 95 pensioners coordination committee ,
Bidar , Karnataka .
Email : shamraobidar308@gmail.com
Ph : 9632885896