Ultimate request of EPS 95 Pensioners

By emai 27th October 2023
Honble Prime Minister of India .
———————-——————— Sub: kindly make the EPS 95 pensioners settled with normal life once for all ( deprived till now ) by FAIR PENSION of liveable adequate minimum pension and pension determined on actual wages the pensioners are entitled to ,relaxed of unwanted conditions , with their pension fund contributory service in CBT meeting scheduled to be held on 31st oct 2023 and establish peace among them maintaining the trust kept with the honble govt . —————–————–
Respected sir ,
It is given to understand that the issue of higher pension is to be facilitated for the EPS 1995 pensioners and other matters are to be discussed in CBT meeting under the chairmanship of honble union minister of labour and employment Sri
Bhupendra Yadav ji .
We the EPS 95 pensioners humbly submit before your kindself that the pension system of employees pension scheme 1995 is required to be set in order as a whole providing the adequate minimum liveable pension of Rs 9000 with DA on national average cost of life and govt medical facility along with the determination of pension on actual wages with fund contributory ELIGIBLE SERVICE termed to be pensionable service on the purpose concept of provident funds and miscellaneous provisions Act 1952 that would resolve the critical life crises of the EPS 1995 pensioners in order that the pensioners live their normal life protected of economic security with human dignity.
We all would expect your matured valuable guidance in formulation of the pension scheme in better shape not getting it continued in undesirable concept defeating the main purpose of the pension to be provided for wellbeing and welfare of senior citizen EPS 1995 pensioners , BUILDERS of the NATION .
The human life can not survive on profit and loss concept
Kindly let the whole pension issue stand settled under your able guidance of good conscience in the CBT meeting with decisions in the interest of senior and very senior citizen EPS 1995 for fair pension at minimum pension and higher pension on actual wages as being sought by the EPS 95 pensioners ever since your honble govt came into power completing 2 terms and getting ready for next lok sabha election .
Your good self know very much , sir that how the citizens are being lured by short term individual benefits by the parties to get their votes for formation of next govt unmindful of it’s future ill- consequences on Exchequer slowing down the developmental works of the country .
We , the matured senior citizens having seen the performances of govts of opposition parties that came into power in the past , would like to express our suggestions that the socio – economic security of all citizens is essential to be protected by the govt of the day in proportionate to their services and as indirect tax payers to the nation for development of the nation .
The senior citizen EPS 95 pensioners may kindly be taken into confidence by the fair pension immediately as requested by us by the CBT decisions so as not to be made them scapegoat by other political parties .
You would kindly respect the opinions of sane senior citizens not just for their own interest of survival needs but also for the interest and wellness of the nation getting them felt proud Indian citizens .
With high regards ,

Sincerely your’s
ShamRao , national secretary,
EPS 95 pensioners coordination committee,
Bidar , Karnataka .
Ph : 9632885896
email : shamraobidar585401@gmail.com