Resolving EPS Pensioners grievances once for all

Dt : 25/10/23.

The Chairman
Central Board of Trustees,
Employees Provident Fund organization, New Delhi.

To All the CBT Members,

Respected sir,

Shata koti pranam.

Sub : Resolving EPS Pensioners grievances once for all : request. Reg.

Please save Old aged EPS Pensioners.

Please Save BJP Government.

Please Save India.

Old aged EPS pensioners issue is a long pending and Burning Issue of the day.

The old aged EPS Pensioners are struggling since 2004 for Pension on actual salaries.

They are fighting in the courts and fighting out side the courts.

The EPS pensioners are vexed and disgusted with the governments who are fighting in the courts against the EPS pensioners with EPS pensioners mony.

All the judgments in various high courts are in favour of EPS pensioners.

All the judgments in 11 appeals are in favour of EPS pensioners.

The RC Gupta judgment was upheld by supreme Court judgment dated 04/11/22.

The LAND MARK RC GUPTA JUDGMENT 2016 is applicable to pre 01/09/14 retirees exclusively.

The judgment of supreme Court dt 04/11/22 applicable to post 01/09/14 retirees & employees.

The EPS pensioners are the members of the scheme till their existence. Their membership will be gone only after their last breath.

After the age of 58 year their contribution only will be stopped not membership.

So far as there is a connection between EPS pensioner and EPFO the membership can not be disconnected.

So far as the EPS pensioners money is with EPFO the membership can not be dis connected.

The employee and employer relationship will continue even after retirement with regard to service period matters

The only difference is the retiree will not work and will not get salary after retirement. It doesn’t mean the retirees do not have connection with employer.

The RC GUPTA JUDGMENT clearly says that those who have with drawn the provident fund after retirement and are willing to pay differential contribution with intrest may be allowed for Higher pension as it is a welfare scheme.

During 2004 the acceptance of option under 11(3) has been stopped with an illegal circular, and now asking for proof option under 11(3) for higher pension after 24 years is very unfortunate.

In view of the above the option under 11(3) can be accepted now.

There is neither OPS nor NPS for pre 01/09/14 retirees.

How can the pre 01/09/14 retirees live with meagre EPS pension of Rs 1000/- to Rs 2000/- pm. live under present cost of living.

The issue has been dragged for very long time in the litigation for the sake of litigation.

25% of EPS pensioners have died without seeing the light of Higher Pension.

The All India EPS pensioners associations have already taken a decision to go for NOTA in case the government did not announce favourably before comming parliament session.

If the right decision at right time is not taken lot of damage may happen to the present Beloved BJP government if the weapon of NOTA is used by EPS Pensioners in the comming elections.

If all the CBT members are in favour of BJP government to be continued for the next term for the development of the country, please take the following decisions which will turn NOTA of EPS pensioners to Vote for BJP Government.

Implementation of Koshiary committee report.

Implementation of RC Gupta judgment in toto for all the EPS pensioners of pre 01/09/14 retirees.

Provide medical facilities to all the EPS pensioners.

Withdraw Rourkela illegal formula for post 01/09/14 retirees.

Please take the above decisions in the comming CBT meeting for the welfare of EPS pensioners and also in the intrest of welfare of the country and get blessings of senior citizens and old aged EPS pensioners.

With Regards.

Thanking you sir,

Yours faithfully

G Narayana.