Problem of basic life of EPS 95 pensioners

By email 5 -10-2023

Sri Narendra modi ji ,
honble prime minister of india

Sri Amit shaw ,
honble union minister of home

Smt. N Sitharaman ji

honble union minister of finance

Sri Bhupendra Yadav ji ,
honble union minister of labour and employment .

Sub : kindly listen to the problem of basic life of EPS 95 pensioners and provide a liveable minimum pension with DA for their economic security ,reg .

Respected sirs/madam ji ,

Assembly elections are slated in November – December 2023 in some states .The honble central govt is doing a workable thought to devise the pension policy of govt employees in order that the central govt employees get satisfied with the revised pension to have a normal life .

Further with enhancement of the LPG gas subsidy it is being made available at about
Rs 600 to ease the economic stress of common citizens .

We have placed our one demand before the honble govt just for a liveable minimum pension with DA on present average cost of life to live a secured life being not able to survive in financial stress depending on others with their suppprt .
The pensioners of EPS 95 are left uncared of financial needs of survival to be met with liveable pension what we are seeking for the hike of minimum pension with DA at present cost of life running not less than Rs 10000 .
The honble govt may please think and act upon along side the welbeing of citizens , senior citizens of the country with the best of knowledge and better conscience on the liveable minimum pension too to be provided to the EPS 95 pensioners taking into account the hardship faced with meagre unliveable pension .
The pension problem started with the employees pension scheme 1995 framed on ceiling wages and then higher pension on actual wages conditioned of option excercise , unprovisioned of dearance allowance and the unliveable minimum pension has damaged the life of EPS 95 pensioners to the extent that they have lost all normal life with human dignity carrying inferiority complex among their near and dear .
Looking at the hardened life the EPS 95 pensioners are into it, with the unspeakable sufferrings at present cost of life , kindly let there be no more delay by the honble govt to provide the liveable minimum pension with DA as being demanded not making them to resort to undesirable steps on public places or at their habitations with untolerable miseries brought in by the EPS 95 . The unrest can not end but continue with more and more cries that may please be felt with humanity for ending the crises of pension issue .
With high regards

Sincerely your’s

ShsmRao ,national secretary ,
EPS 95 pensioners co-ordination
committee ,
Bidar , karnataka .
email :
Ph: 9632885896