Urgent Concern Regarding the Second National Commission | Eps 95 pensioners

Wamanrao Lane,
Nagpur,Maharashatra State, 440012 ,
Dated 09th September 2023
Shri Bhupendra Yadav
Honorable Union Labour Minister
Shram Shakti Bhavan
New Delhi – 110001

Shri Bhartruhari Mahtab
Chairman, Standing Committee on Labour, Textiles, and Skill Development Branch
Parliament House Annexe
New Delhi – 110001

Shri Sanjay Sethi
Additional Director
Standing Committee on Labour, Textiles, and Skill Development Branch
Parliament House Annexe
New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Urgent Concerns Regarding the Second National Commission on Labour 2002-2020 and Recent Developments


  1. Letter from Standing Committee on Labour, Lok Sabha Secretariat, dated 3rd April 2023.
  2. The Code on Social Security, 2019.

Dear Sirs,

I hope this message finds you in good health. We are writing to draw your attention to a matter of utmost importance concerning the welfare of retired industrial workers in our country.

Since 2002 to 2020, and most recently on 20th April 2023 and 29th August 2023, the Employees Pension (1995) National Coordinating Committee in New Delhi and HQ Nagpur, along with All Indian 12 Trade Unions, have provided oral evidence and confidential reports to Standing Committees. These submissions were made through private Bills with the hope of securing a favorable response to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of our hardworking retired industrial workers, totaling approximately 20 crores.

Regrettably, the recommendations presented through private Bills remain pending, and the fate of these recommendations is yet to be determined. These recommendations carry the potential to alleviate the lives of over 20 crore retired industrial workers. It is essential to mention the Social Security Labour Codes Bill No.4/(3), which has successfully passed both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. However, concerns persist regarding minimum pension provisions for pensioners and the predicament faced by higher pensioners amid soaring inflation.

Presently, approximately 72 lakh old age pensioners struggle to secure their minimum pensions. Meanwhile, higher pensioners have been embroiled in legal battles for seven years, despite their precarious financial situations, seeking their rightful higher pensions. It is incumbent upon the State, Central Government, and the Supreme Court to ensure justice for these individuals, based on constitutional and humanitarian principles. Sadly, these endeavors have not yielded justice and have resulted in the unfortunate loss of around 3 to 3.5 lakh old age pensioners’ lives. Surviving pensioners are now grappling with the challenges posed by high inflation.

Additionally, nearly 30 to 40 lakh pensioners receive less than Rs. 1000 per month, struggling to make ends meet. We humbly request your kind and sympathetic consideration of this matter. It is imperative to take necessary actions to address the confusion between policies before and after 2014. Furthermore, we urge the EPFO to issue notifications for lower-level pensioners, simplifying legal language and highlighting the Shri R.C. Gupta Case and the award passed by the Honourable Chief Justices on 4th November 2022.

The closure of numerous companies has left nearly 10 lakh widows without means to sustain their livelihoods through supportive businesses. We earnestly beseech you to extend your support and guidance to alleviate the suffering of these pensioners and their dependents. Your intervention in this matter would be a noble and significant act.

With the utmost respect and hope for a positive resolution,

Yours faithfully,

(Prakash Pathak,)
National General Secretary, Employees Pension (1995) Coordination Committee
Mobile: 9822936284