The win-win situation of eps 95 pensioners and the Government

At the beginning of the year 2022, the Election Commission of India is going to conduct the elections in these five states.

  1. GOA 40
  2. Manipur 60
  3. Uttarakhand 70
  4. Punjab 117
  5. Uttrpradesh 403

Throughout India, there are about 60 lakhs eps 95 pensioners available.
Thousands of eps 95 voters in the villages and towns Lakhs of eps 95 pensioner voters in the cities.

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How many Eps 95 pensioners are available for voting?:

The most neglected category:
In spite of the promises given to the eps 95 pensioners, the demands were not fulfilled for a long time. Many pensioners are awaiting the hike of their minimum pension and higher pension for so many years.

Many old-aged pensioners died of their sickness in their old age without seeing the promised demands from the Government.

Win-win situation:

If the government hikes the minimum pension, there is the possibility of getting a higher majority in their elections.

But the hike of the pension is to be done before the elections itself.

That too, before the code of conduct. If the ruling Government is vigilant this is possible.

The eps 95 pensioners are not in a position to believe any further promises. They are hungry and angry for not hiking the minimum pension.

presently, their pension is around Rs. 1000 to 3000 below, which is far lower than the ordinary senior citizen pension in many states.

Also, many pensioners are getting the person around six hundred rupees to thousand rupees.
From the recent surveys on the media, it is understood that there is a lesser pension in India out of all countries in the universe.

Implement it:

Firstly implement the hike of justifiable minimum pension as per the koshiyaree committee duly giving certain value to the committee.

Also, make free of the petition in the Supreme court where unnecessary objections of EPFO against the interest and welfare of the eps 95 pensioners.

As a matter of fact, the Supreme Court has already given the clearance for the higher pension for the Eps 95 pensioners. But there is unnecessary and irresponsible litigation from the Government side neglecting the eps 95 pensioners aged people.

Gratitude Vote:

There is no doubt that the eps 95 pensioners will vote for the Government which takes a timely decision of hiking the minimum pension before they die.

But they are not in a position to believe any promises. They want immediate decision and implementation of hike of the justifiable minimum pension before the code of conduct.

Anti Vote:

If nothing is implemented regarding the hike of the minimum pension, there is every possibility of getting anti votes to the ruling Government.

The eps 95 pensioners are fed-up with the Government have no patient hearing of false promises for the injustice already done to them.

Note: Please share the eps 95 pensioners burning issue to the maximum pensioners, political groups, and bureaucrats. Also to the reporters for publication in the concerned Newspapers. It requires wide propaganda.

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