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*Please see the headlines of various news media wherein it is very clear that BJP SUFFERS SETBACK IN BYE ELECTIONS.*

[Uploading of this content is not to criticise anyone or any political party. It is requested to make an analysis of the content]

*BJP Suffers a lot in by-poll election due to neglecting EPS PENSIONERS and Senior Citizens.* 

*Minimum Pension being paid Rs 1000/- pm which is not sufficient to meet medical expenses.*

*Thousands of HIGH COURT VERDICTS and ELEVEN Verdicts of  Supreme court in respect of EPS PENSIONERS dis honoured.*

*Repeated appeals in supreme court against the favourable judgements of EPS Pensioners in various High courts.*

*EPS PENSIONERS are being dragged to the courts since 2006.*

*Neither the BJP nor the government is ready to hear to the voices of EPS Pensioners and Senior Citizens.*

*CBT members are influenced by EPFO not to take any decision in favour of EPS Pensioners.*

*CBT members have become the rubber stamps of EPFO.*

*Lakhs of representations of EPS Pensioners are in cold storage.*

*The BJP led government seems to be misguided by EPFO.*

*Shri Narendra Modi ji who also seems to be misguided by EPFO.*

*The EPS Pensioners are vexed with court cases and have no faith in the present government who were having lots of hopes on the BJP government.*

*Lakhs of EPS Pensioners have died due to hunger and lack of medical facility to them.*

*It is very unfortunate to lose BJP.*

*But We can not stop all the EPS PENSIONERS from voting against BJP due to losing confidence in the BJP government.*

*SEVEN YEARS IS A BIG TIME for the Present BJP government to take a decision.*

*BJP demanded RS 3000/-  minimum EPS Pension while in opposition but fixed RS 1000/-  after getting to power. This led to the no-confidence in BJP.* 

*Respected Sri Narendra Modi ji you could do wonders but we are not in a position to understand the reason behind NOT resolving the EPS Pensioners grievances for the last 7 years.*

*Hope at least understand the seriousness of the EPS PENSIONERS grievance and resolve at the earliest and save EPS Pensioners and save INDIA from losing MODI JI.*


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