False news on eps 95 minimum pension hike today

Eps 95 Minimum penison hike is a false news:

Eps 95 pensioners are being allured with the false news of a hike in the minimum pension before every important context. It is nothing but cheating the poor eps 95 pensioners.

Wherever there is CBT meeting, some associations, committees, and unions are propagating false news on eps 95 pensions.
There are this hypothetical news on youtube and some websites and WhatsApp etc.
This is not the first time to be gotten this type of false news.
Some poor pensioners are responding with a thanks message.
If there is a real pension hike news, the Government definitely will make good propaganda directly through Tvs and newspapers.
Some associations are doing a hike of the pension is Rs.9000 and some others are doing pension hike is Rs. 7500.

Agony of a poor pensioner:

One Eps 95 pensioner Sri G. Narayana out of his agony says as follows:
This is an informal news
CBT Meeting is correct.
But Minimum person Rs.9000/- is a BIG FAKE.
such news is common before every CBT meeting.
Please don’t believe such news.

By propagating false news what is that they are getting benefited?

What are the occasions to allure the pensioners

These are the occasions that are used for false news.

January 1st

31st December

CBT Meeting (every year)

Parliament sessions

August 15th

Republic day





Birthday of Modiji

They will not leave even April 1st

The Government and EPFO are simply watching the youtube and website on this news keeping quiet without doing any exercise for the hike of Minimum pension.